The Building Process

So how do you get a builder to carry out the works you require?


The Building Process:

1. Get an Estimate
Call us on 0116 2394987 to get the ball rolling. We will arrange a visit convenient to you.

2. Visit Day
One of our experienced estimators will visit you to survey the works required. This may include our estimator taking measurements, photographs and ask questions to make a full evaluation of your requirements. It is important at this stage to let the estimator have any plans, planning permission and building regulation consents if it is applicable.

3. Preparing the estimate
It usually takes about 2 weeks to prepare an estimate. Our estimators visit several customers in a week and need to obtain information from suppliers and sometimes specialists in order to put together your tailor made estimate.

4. Receiving your estimate
Our estimates are sent out as first-class post and include all necessary information for the works including costs. When you receive your estimate you can review the cost and the detailed items. If you have any queries or would like to add any further items please contact us to discuss this with the estimator.When you are happy with the cost and the items detailed in the estimate simply call us or email to confirm your acceptance of the estimate.

5. Sending a Contract
Once we have received your acceptance of the estimate, we will send you a contract which will have to be signed and returned to us. Depending on the size of the works we may require a 10% deposit at this stage.

6. Starting Works
We can discuss start dates for the works once we have received your signed contract and (where applicable) the 10% deposit for the works. Works (depending on size and type) can be started between 2 weeks and 2 months from the receipt of a signed contract.

7. Works in Progress
While the works are being carried out the estimator will manage the building works and be your first point of contact. You are welcome to contact us at anytime to discuss additional works, changes or queries regarding the works being done. We are happy to assist.

8. The End
When the works are complete and the workers have left your property, we would greatly appreciate it if you could complete our customer service questionnaire to assist us to improve our services.